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On the other hand, the signing ceremony for Nam Emoun civil work contract becomes an evidence for restless efforts of Leaders and employees of Song Da 5 on the way of further development and also affirms the brand name Song Da 5 on the international market. Several photos of signing ceremony as below:. Song Cho 1 Reservoir Project consists of 2 water intake with the total tunnel length of 6 km. The total excavation is ,m3; the total volume of opened and underground concrete is The contract value is over VND billion with the construction schedule of 30 months.


The completion perspective of the work Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Dac Diep, Deputy General Director of Song Da 5 JSC, the head of consortium Song Da 5 — Lung Lo — Co khi extended his gratitude to Board of Investment Management and Water Resource Construction No 7 for its trust and selection of the consortium as the construction contractor and commit to mobilize resources to ensure the construction on schedule, meet the requirements of quality and safety.

In the urgent atmosphere of the last days of , the contract signing ceremony event for the construction of Song Cho 1 Project has brought pleasure to all employers of Song Da 5, created more motivation for workers to contribute to the development of Song Da 5. After signing the contract, Song Da 5 mobilizes the equipment and manpower resources to site to receive the layout plan, implement the project.

Some photos of the contract signing ceremony as below: Song Da 5 jointly held the conference of construction implementation and launched the competitive movement of executing Ban Lai Water Reservoir Project in Lang Son province. On October 20 th , with the consent of Water resource construction and Investment management Board No. The conference witnessed the attendance of Mr. On behalf of the general contractor, Mr. Tran Huu Hung — General Director of Song Da 5 Joint Stock Company spoke at the ceremony and presented his honor and pleasure to be received the belief of the Employer handing over the execution of main structure of the Head work- Ban Lai water reservoir project and he also extended his gratitude to the Leaders of Ministry of Agriculture and rural development, leaders of Lang Son province and Water resource construction and Investment management Board No.

Besides, he expressed his hope to be received the support and help from local authorities and people as well as the cooperation of the employer, designer, the engineer and contractors involving in the project.

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In addition, he also pledged to mobilize the resources to implement and ensure the project complying with the requests of progress, quality and labor sanitation. Loc Binh, Dinh Lap, and designers, and other contractors jointly signed the competitive commitment to implement the project. With the high determination, Song da 5 has set up the construction management Board of Ban Lai Water Reservoir Project and mobilized sufficient numbers of Engineers, workers, machineries to the site available for the work construction.

Ban Lai Water Reservoir Project is expected to be an important project to realize the dream of many generations as well as contribute to improving the life of local people. The commencement of the project has brought great pleasure for local people and authorities. Market news. Vietnam will have 80 thermo power plants by The list of thermal power plants in Vietnam having investment capital from China will be extended once Chinese investors are approved to take over Long Phu III thermal power plant located in the Mekong Delta province province of Soc Trang as per a recent proposal by the Ministry of Industry and Trade MoIT.

According to the MoIT, after the prime minister approved transferring the above thermal power plant from PetroVietnam to other partners to decrease the pressure on PetroVietnam to arrange investment capital to develop 11 other power projects, two Chinese investors - China Southern Power Grid Co. Experts said that it is still necessary to develop thermal power plants in Vietnam as renewable energy is not capable of replacing traditional energy sources for about the next two decades due to its low capacity, high investment costs and unattractive power purchasing prices.

It is estimated that with the same output, the investment of renewable electricity sources is times higher than that of thermal power. Besides, coal-fired power plants are considered as back-up sources when the weather is not suitable to generate wind and solar power. In addition, Nghia said, coal-fired thermal power plants are capable of generating large amount of power and do not rely on natural factors as some other clean power sources. Nguyen Minh Due, chairman of Vietnam Energy Science Council, said that many countries in the world have no tendency to develop coal-fired power anymore because it is out of potential and especially polluting the environment.

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Meanwhile, Vietnam still has to base on the power source as it is very difficult for the country to meet the energy security in the current context when nuclear power projects have been stopped while wind and solar power capacity is small and depends on weather conditions. But the country must give top priority when deciding to develop coal-fired power plants, Due warned, adding that the country should accept expensive prices to invest the plants with modern technologies and avoid outdate ones, especially those from China.

The paradox, Da Nang city and Quang Nam provinces flooded seriously but the hydropower plants are dry. Due to the influence of cold air, it rained heavily and some areas of Da Nang City and Quang Nam province are deeply flooded. The present level of the reservoir is about m, 9,7 m higher than the dead level The leaders of the factory said that it was currently the rainy season; the hydropower plant often stored water for the whole year.

However, this year Song Tranh 2 lacks million of water comparing with full capacity. Especially, it rained heavily in downstream area, the water level in reservoir is not sufficient. The biggest hydro power plant in Quang Nam province gains the level of water at only , 14 m on 10 th December, a little higher than the death level m When it rained heavily in Da Nang , Quang Nam province, there was small rain in this area. The data about reservoir water is calculated in many hours by the modern sound -wave equipment. Based on the calculation, the current rainfall from the beginning of the year in the catchment area is 1.

Only 1m higher than the dead level, A Vuong Hydropower plant stop the generation to store water for new generation and watering work in the following year. Many areas near the reservoir become dry land due to the water reduction in comparing with other years. Ngo Xuan The, The Deputy Director of A Vuong hydropower plant said that it was very hard to store enough water in the reservoir as annual.

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Therefore, the plant quoted the price of 5. Nguyen Son, the Deputy Director of Song Bung 4 hydro power plant, many lakes in central area, High land had the serious troubles of lacking water this year such as Dakmi, Yaly ect. EVN estimates that it will lack 3. The replacement electricity shall be from coal or oil thermal electricity in urgent cases. The position of some hydro power plants in Quang Nam — Da Nang city. According to Mr. The heavy rain caused the flood, and provided the huge water to the downstream lakes.

Some lakes had to discharge flood to ensure safety due to weak dam. However, in Vu Gia - Thu Bon upstream hydropower plants had a small rainfall. The eastern wind zone causes rain to the coastal area could not continue to rise in the western area and cause rain.

Therefore, hydropower reservoirs have almost no more water from this heavy rain. Hieu Cong. It is one of the largest projects that have ever been constructed at Dung Quat Economic Zone. To achieve the above quantity, along with the mobilization and collection of large numbers of equipment and machines and around workers are working at site per day. Along with the large number of machinery, thousand workers are working at site per day. The duration of construction and completion and taking over into the first operation is estimated 24 months From the time of land hand-over to the time for construction license issuance ; the second period shall be implemented after the first period is completed in 18 months and taking over in 24 months.

The reporter of Dan Viet Reporter takes some photos at the construction site as below: BIM — The important solution for the construction sector to approach the industrial revolution 4. However, BIM is not only the design model but also contain lots of information about the construction work so that people can share with the related parties.

For example, from the design phase, the information of projects shall be saved in BIM and shall be transferred to the execution sections. The information in the construction process shall be updated continually and saved in BIM and shall be transferred to the operation units so that the operation units shall operate the work effectively.

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It means that the employer, consultants, contractors, authorities can operate together in the exploration of the saved large data of BIM In Vietnam, According to Mr. Daniel Green said the application of BIM is becoming more popular in the world. Many countries have applied BIM in different grades to increase the efficiency, quality and competitiveness in the construction sector. Tran Hong Mai said that the application of BIM in Vietnam has been mainly carried out in some projects of foreign elements such as invested by foreign countries, or hire foreign project management consultant, and foreign designers.

Up to now, many domestic agencies and organizations, including investors, consultants, and construction contractors have paid their attention, consideration and implementation to BIM thanks to its recognized benefits. Based on the summary of some projects, the application of BIM has helped investors reduce the progress and minimize the costs by the optimization and pre-solving difficulties in the design and construction phase, control strictly the implemented volume Mai said However, Mr.

Mai also said that, the ratio of BIM application in Vietnam is still low, and spontaneous and unadvised. At the seminar, managers, specialist, and domestic and foreign enterprises shared experience lessons relating to the application of BIM. According to the Prime Minister's Decision No. To carry out this task, the Ministry of Construction has set up the Steering Committee for the implementation of the Scheme and released the specific plan. Accordingly, during the period of - , the scheme focuses on raising awareness and encouraging agencies, organizations and enterprises to apply BIM; building the legal corridor and system of technical standards, standards, technical and the relating economic norms to apply BIM; to develop the guidelines on BIM; develop the training modules on BIM knowledge and improve the capacity for the specialized agencies.

In the period from to , according to the scheme, BIM application shall be implemented in the design, construction and management of some new construction works; experimental applying BIM in management operation of some important works; the evaluation of BIM application. From , The Ministry of Construction shall issue the specific circulars and guidance so that BIM shall be applied largely in the work construction and operation. Tran Hong Mai said: According the experience of the previous countries, there are many difficulties and challenges in the initial application of new technologies such as BIM in the construction due to the adjustment of the production process of the consultant, the preparation of resources for updating new tools, collaborative processes of project stakeholders that require the high activeness and responsibility.

Therefore, this seminar focused on the solutions to implement BIM in a feasible manner to the consulting enterprises, construction enterprises, especially in the management of construction investment projects comforting to the features of Vietnam. The workshop also mentioned the human resource training solutions that meet the requirements of applying BIM according to the procedures; Measures used to maximize the opportunities and potential to apply BIM effectively, gradually integrate into the world.

Autodesk will help Vietnam in two aspects. The first is to help the Government, the state management agencies to learn the best international practices in the world as well as to help the government and management agencies to access the documents on the implementation of BIM of the countries in the world therefor the Government, state agencies shall issues the decisions relating to BIM. Secondly, Autodesk have also ever worked and operated with Vietnamese enterprises in some works, Autodesk shall present his roles in the projects applied BIM in the coming time.

Wrote by Tam Vu-Hanh Tran. The megawatt solar power plant will belocated in Tay Ninh, southwestern Vietnam. Commercial operations aredue to startby June next year.

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Grimm, which started out in the Thai pharmaceutical business in, is now a diversifiedcorporation with interests in energy, building and industrial systems, health care, lifestyle, transport and real estate. The joint venture recently finalized a deal with a contractor to perform engineering, procurement and construction services for the project, she said. Talks are underway with several local and international financial institutionsfor project funding, she added.

For B. Grimm Power, a reliable local partner shouldhelp the investment run smoothly. It hopes the Vietnamese solar power venture will contribute significantly to the group's revenue and earnings growth, as Vietnam's power demand rises rapidly as the economy grows. The venture is also expected to contribute to B. Grimm's revenues from overseas power projects.

Grimm Power has also set a goal to have a total of 53 power projects with total power generating capacity of 2, megawattsin To achieve this, the company needs another 2,MW from new projects in neighboring countries such as Laos and Vietnam, as well as at home. Husain, S. Fresco of an ancient Makedonian soldier thorakitai wearing chainmail armor and bearing a thureos shield, 3rd century BC. The name of the movement comes from a painting by Kandinsky created in see illustration. It is also claimed that the name could have derived from Marc's enthusiasm for horses and Kandinsky's love of the colour blue.

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For Kandinsky, blue is the colour of spirituality: Mark Rothko, No. A portion of the actual mural from the Tepantitla compound which appears under the Great Goddess portrait, Mexico. Mural from the Tepantitla compound showing what has been identified as an aspect of the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan, from a reproduction in the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.