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With the lower two options ticked on the opening splash screen and the USB drive connected, I readied myself for the worst and clicked Continue. The installation process was largely uneventful though the setup dialogs were pretty tiny on the Retina screen, as you can kind of see above.

Be very careful when selecting partitions to pick the right one, otherwise you run the risk of overwriting whichever partition holds Mac OS X. Once I got into Windows proper, the resolution issue righted itself and there were a flurry of driver downloads—Windows seemed to know what was needed without any prompting from me. The OS felt fast and snappy with everything in its right place.

Signing in with my Microsoft account got me my wallpaper and access to my OneDrive, and I can change the backdrop of my Windows machine and see the same change automatically applied on the MacBook Pro within seconds Cortana works fine and syncs information across both devices without breaking a sweat. Also, based on what I've read on the forums here, the firmware update doesn't even affect performance for many games.

So I would say that updating the firmware is completely optional. Thank you for all the help and suggestions. I have mbpr mid 15" gtm. For instance, your setup, exactly as above, won't work on the M notebooks.

How To Install Windows 10/8.1 On Mac Without Boot Camp

Forum Icons: Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read. Please Login or Register. Thunderbolt Windows Setup. Anyone knows if my MacBook pro can work with akitio node?

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BootCamp with new Mac Pro and Windows 7 - Spiceworks

Hi all, Forgive my newbie question. I have: Macbook pro retina mid 2 thunderbolt 2 ports Windows 7 on bootcamp official My question is, can the Akitio node which is thunderbolt 3 work on my macbook if I run it through the tb2-tb3 apple adapter?

Boot Camp just got a little worse for the 2015 MacBook Pro

Hit me up if anyone knows if this setup can work guys. Reply Quote. Noble Member Admin.

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