How to set new background on mac

This can make it easier for novices to use the machine and reduce the number of help requests that need to be addressed. You may run into the problem of discovering your pictures or wallpapers have been inadvertently deleted from your machine.

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You can try to get them back by downloading Disk Drill data recovery software. This application can be used for free to scan for files that can be recovered. If you find files you want to restore, you can easily upgrade to a fully licensed version of the software and recover your images. So there you have it. You can now customize all of the background images your Mac will display both before and after you login.

Mac OS X Lion For Dummies

Have fun! Menu Disk Drill. This entry was posted in Tutorials.

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  8. Bookmark the permalink. Select the "Login Logo" tab. Drag and drop the logo you want to use on your startup screen from a Finder window to the Loginox interface and then click "Set new Login logo. You can change your startup background and logo with Ravissant. Launch a Web browser and navigate to macupdate.

    Change slide backgrounds

    Click "Download" to save the installation file to your computer. Double-click the zip file to unpack the program and then double-click "Ravissant" to launch the program. Select the "Logo" tab.

    Drag and drop the logo you want to use on your startup screen from a Finder window to the highlighted box to replace the logo with a custom image. Select the "Background" tab. Drag and drop the background image you want to use on your startup screen from a Finder window to the Ravissant interface. Click "Apply Changes" once you are satisfied with your updates and enter your Mac password to authorize the changes.

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    Easily Change Your Login Screen Background on a Mac

    For best results, you'll want to find an image that is the same resolution as your Mac's display or resize a larger image to your Mac's resolution. To check the resolution of your display, click the Apple button in the top-left corner and choose About This Mac. Your Mac's resolution is listed on the Displays tab.

    Manually Change Startup Background

    After you find and download an image you want to use, you'll need to convert it to a PNG file format. First, choose PNG from the Format menu at the bottom of the window. Then at the top, give the file this name: com. The resulting file name must be exactly as follows:. This opens the Caches folder.