Viva glam v mac lipstick review

November 23, August 21, July 5, June 26, September 6, April 5, February 16, December 13, June 5, July 11, March 5, January 8, February 19, February 18, As already told, possessing luxurious brands makes you feel more confident and gets that lovely and lively look to your face. MAC is an abbreviation for make-up art cosmetics.

MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick Review

As a result, the primary makers of MAC prepared such colors in their kitchen and sold them from a hair salon. These entrepreneurs became successful in storming their product in the industry and brought to us, these wonderful shades of cosmetics. The professional eye studios became very famous and this brand has never lost its beauty. How to apply — the lipstick can be applied directly after the lipstick emerges out of the lipstick twister.

Sources say that applying this using a brush resulted in the greater saving of the mass for a longer time. To make your lipstick stay for a longer time, apply a base coat of some vaseline or a matching shade lip liner so that you can reduce the frequency of touch up required. The shade is absolutely a must possess one. The look it gives to your lips is absolutely incomparable with ones given by similar shades of other brands.

How to Use MAC Viva Glam Lipsticks

The product has also clicked in the market because of its lovely shade and color, and the easily gliding application on your lips. The overall look is pretty and is suitable for application in formal or informal events. This viva glam series of MAC has a specialty and that is the sales of these products contribute to AIDS foundation, helping women and children fight it. The packaging is done inside a red twister, and this stands for donations done and not a single penny of sales of this series of lipsticks is bound to MAC.

This is most probably the only brand which has taken this initiative for a better society. Packaging — the brand MAC is represented in black color and all its packaging is generally done in black short boxes. The identity of the shade is written at the bottom of the lipstick and all the bottom of the box holding the lipstick too. You can simply get the lipstick out of the box by plucking the cap of the cardboard box and enjoy its application.

I rate the product a 4. This is the end of the review! I hope you buy this and drop your experiences with the product too. Just loving it: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

MAC Viva Glam V Lustre Lipstick: Review and Swatches

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MAC Viva Glam V Review & Swatches

Facial Kit. Facial Mist. Pixi Glow Mist Review July 3, Facial Oil. We will try our best to help you out asap. These lipsticks come in classic MAC lipstick packaging. The A shell is metallic red in these lipsticks.

Also, the MAC engraving on the cap is again red in colour. Overall, Really like the packaging of these lipsticks. I have travelled with MAC lipsticks all the time and I have a habit of keeping all my makeup in compact pouches. So far, MAC lipsticks never get messed up in the bag. Well the lipsticks in this range have different formulas and finishes.

Hence I will talk about them when I talk about the individual lipsticks.

MAC Viva Glam V Review & Swatches – WiseShe

However I will say that all these lipsticks glide on very smoothly on the lips and are easy to apply. None of the shades tug on the lips. In fact I would suggest lining the lips before applying any dark coloured lipstick. This defines the margins of the lips well and the outcome is very crisp and sculpted looking lips.

Viva glam I is one of the most gorgeous reds ever. MAC describes it as Intense brownish blue-red in a matte finish.


Its a medium-deep red with warm and slightly brown undertones. Every single skin tone can flaunt this shade. The shade basically is my personal favourite from this entire range. Viva glam 1 has a comfortable matte finish. The texture is really smooth. In fact, this lipstick lasts well on me for 5 to 6 hours.

Finally, as it fades, it leaves a beautiful reddish stain on the lips which stains the lips evenly. MAC describes it as Muted pink-beige with shimmer in satin finish. It has slightly warm undertones. This shade will suit fair to light skin tones. It has a satiny matte finish. The texture of the lipstick is really smooth and it never goes patchy.

MAC describes it as Muted brownish-plum in a matte finish. I see it more as a red-plum shade. It has strong warm undertones. It has a comfortable matte finish. This shade again leaves an even stain on the lips after it fades. Therefore, my second favourite shade from this range. I would describe the shade as a beautiful pinky-berry shade. In fact, it looks amazing on a variety of skin tones specially light to medium skin tones.

This shade does not last as long as the rest of the shades but it does last pretty well for a frost finish lipstick. It feels very comfortable on the lips also, never lets the lips feel dry. The description is pretty perfect for the shade I feel.