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Once the burn is finished, you will have a disc which you can use in your home Blu-ray player. If you plan on burning multiple copies, you can burn them using that same disk image. Otherwise, you can delete the image and save some space. Congratulations, you have successfully burnt a HD video to a disc that you can watch on your home Blu-ray player! Start saving today.

Blu ray authoring software for Mac

Gather your materials. In order to burn your HD movies to Blu-ray, you will need the following: Toast Titanium Pro 9 or later. Recordable Blu-ray BD-R media if you need some, you can find it here. Considerable time - The encoding process can take quite a while, depending on your source footage and computer model. Enough free drive space as the size of the disc you wish to create.

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That way, if the burning fails for some unexpected reason bad media, your cat or kid pulling the power plug out of the drive, etc. Step 2 - Add your movie s Take the movie or movies you want to burn and drag them into the right side of the window. Step 3 - Adjust disc options.

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Disc Name - Gives your disc a unique name, often used for identification purposes. As I have multiple videos, I left it off, so I can choose which video to watch. Play all items continuously - Each video will start immediately after the previous one with this checked. If you leave it unchecked, you will return to the menu after each video completes.

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Add original photos - if you created a photo slideshow, this will store the originals on the disk, as well. Menu Title - Not surprisingly, this allows you to change the title that shows at the top of the menu. Usually, this will be the title of the disc, as in the above example. A basic thumbnail will show to the left. Data Backup carries a copyright and appears to have last been modestly updated to version 3.

Top 6 Blu-ray Burning Software for Mac You Shouldn't Miss

But despite some graphical glitches, it runs under OS X El Capitan, enabling you to create first-time and versioned backups of your hard drive or preferred folders to optical discs. The app still loads under El Capitan, and includes dozens of different templates for making these sorts of things, assuming you have a use for them. But it looks like a relic from the past.

Last but not least, the PC version of NovaBackup is listed as compatible with Windows 7; make of that what you will. Having been polished years ago for optical disc mastering, video conversion, and pretty much every related function you can imagine, Toast 14 Titanium has just been updated to version Steve Jobs did not believe in optical disk based media and practically banished the hardware and apps to support it before he died.

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I liken it to the Pharaohs having their slaves buried with them: Adobe encore part of cs6 but can install also with CC members hip https: I found toast to be the best of what's out there, besides Encore, which is really the only option, if you want to make custom menus, etc But, it's a PIA in my opinion - I guess if you used Premiere to edit with, it's easier to use encore, but for something like a wedding, and doing like chapter points, etc